E Demeyere

Ewald Demeyere

Upcoming Concerts



22 September, 20h00, Bad Iburg (Rittersaal im Schloss)

Recital with Barthold Kuijken

Handel and His Contemporaries


8 October, 20h00, Gland (Temple)

Recital with Barthold Kuijken

J.S. Bach


23 October, 11h00, Bruges (Hotel Crown Plaza)


Goldberg Variations


5 November, 20h00, Luxemburg


Goldberg Variations


9 November, 20h00, London (Military Chapel)

Bach Concentus Concertino & Ewald Demeyere

J.C. Bach





22 January, 15h00, Antwerp (AMUZ)

Bach Concentus & Ewald Demeyere

Symphonies 25 & 29 by W.A. Mozart and Symphony in G minor by A. Filtz


26 April, 20h00, Brussels (Protestant Chapel (BOZAR))


Variatio: Harpsichord Compositions by Munday, Froberger, J.B. Bach,J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach & W.A. Mozart